About the Groomer

Certified Master Cat Groomer

Linda Carstens, C.M.C.G.

I am a life-long cat lover who is a proud mom to both cats and dogs. I am passionate about helping cat owners enrich their life and the life of their cats through regular grooming and care. I am also passionate about continued education and training to improve my skills and service for my clients.

Pet CPR & First Aid training

Pet CPR & First Aid Certification

As a pet care professional and pet parent, I am committed to providing the best care and service to my clients.  The safety and health of both my cat clients and their humans are my primary concern.  If you're interested in learning more about Pet CPR & First Aid Training, please visit www.pettech.net for more information.

CMCG Certificate

Cat Groomer Certification

In 2015, I earned the title of Certified Master Cat Groomer and Master Cat Grooming Certifier.  These certifications required passing written exams for:  Anatomy & Understanding the Feline Body Language; Feline Medical Conditions & Zoonosis; Breed Characteristics & Needs; Humane Feline Handling Techniques/Groomer Safety Procedures.  It also required practical exams including:  Bathing and Drying; Long or Short Hair Comb-out and Style; Standard Lion and/or Modification Styles of the Lion Cut;  Full Body Clip.

Customer Reviews

Missy - Lion Cut

Missy - after groom

"Linda was wonderful. Did a beautiful job on my sweet cat. I have recommended her to all my friends with Ragdolls and Maine Coon Cats.

-Melanie B.

Carter - Long hair groom

Carter-after groom

"She groomed our Carter today, I'll have to admit I was a little nervous with this being his first grooming since getting him but oh boy, our baby is clean and still as fluffy as ever! Thank you so much! This won't be our last time! He smells sooo good." 

- Daling B.

Paco - Lion Cut


"Linda is an amazing cat care person. She asked a lot of questions and assessed the animal's condition and personality... She taught me how to trim their nails and recommended the right tools for each of them, it was just wonderful. The kitties smelled so good and looked great. I'm thrilled that she started this business for cats in a safe, clean, dog-free environment."

- Lin J.

Ozzy - Short Hair Groom with Nail Caps

Ozzy groom

"Loving Cat Care took excellent care of our cat, Ozy...Ozy got a very princely treatment with an ear cleaning and a light grooming as well. Linda did a fantastic job and Ozy barely notices his nail caps. He's happy and healthy and NOT tearing up furniture at our new residence. 

Highly, highly recommended. Our cat was treated like family because our pets ARE family! Thanks Linda!"

- Richard A.

Luna - Short Hair Groom

Sean A cat

"You should definitely take your fur friend here! Ms. Linda was amazing with my cat. She was very thorough and quick with my kitty. Very affordable care, the convenience was more than satisfactory, and she provides more personal care than you would expect from a corporate groomer. Would recommend over and over again and I can't wait until my cat needs to be groomed again."

- Sean A.

Toby - Lion Cut for matted hair

Gloria cat Toby

"Linda was so caring and gentle with my senior cat that was badly matted. I was so worried but she put my fears to rest and gave my baby the full spa treatment. Thank you, Linda."

- Gloria V.