Benefits of Onsite Cat Grooming

Nail Trim
Lion Cut
Nail Caps
Sanitary Trim
Belly Shave
Mobile Cat Groomer

Business Benefits

Offering onsite professional cat grooming services to your residents/clients provides so many benefits!

Multi-residential Facilities

If your facility allows residents to have pets, you know the damage they can do.  Providing cat grooming services to your residents will help reduce damages done to your facility by cats with overgrown nails, excessive shedding and parasites such as fleas. 

Dog Care Facilities

Most people that have dogs, will also have cats. You can increase your client base and have current clients return more frequently by offering cat grooming services next to your facility. Your clients can bring drop off their dog at your facility and bring their cat to our mobile grooming salon. This saves your customers time and brings them to your facility more often.

Veterinary Facilities

Your staff knows your clients and how to best serve them. Providing cat grooming services at your facility is convenient for your clients and has them returning to your facility more often. Your clients can bring their cat to our mobile grooming salon while visiting your clinic. 

Pet Retail Facility

There are millions more cat owners than dog owners in the US!  Increase your client base by offering onsite cat grooming services.  

Cat owners love their kitties, want to take care of them but usually do not like trimming nails, cleaning ears or giving them baths.  Loving Cat Care will take care of grooming their kitties and while they wait, they can go shopping in your facility. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and you will enjoy additional sales!


Contact Loving Cat Care

Call Loving Cat Care at (214) 957-5750 to reserve a full-day of services at least 2 weeks in advance.  We will provide marketing materials to display at your location.   

Display Announcement at your Location

Display the marketing materials provided at your location.  Your clients/residents will book their appointments with us by using our Online Appointment tool.  

Day of Service

On the day of service, we will bring a fully equipped grooming trailer to your location 1/2 hour before the reserved start time. Your clients/residents will bring their cats at their appointment time. It is helpful to have a 110 outlet available to provide power but not a necessity.